About the program

About the program

This program will support the multidisciplinary team (MDT) to proactively identify and manage patients with DKD and implement the latest guidelines into clinical practice. It will cover the latest advances in therapies for DKD to increase confidence in using newer drugs with proven significant reductions in cardiovascular events and disease progression in patients with T2D and CKD.

In collaboration with our faculty chair, Dr Tina Visbol, we offer a series of expert-led vodcasts covering a range of topics relating to DKD from the multidisciplinary perspective. These vodcasts will discuss the link between diabetes and associated conditions such as CKD and hypertension, how to improve diagnosis and classification of DKD, as well as providing guidance on how to implement the latest evidence-based guidelines and treatment advances into clinical practice. The importance of interdisciplinary working with the patient at the center will also be discussed, drawing on insights from a patient with DKD.

There will also be a series of bite-sized scenario-based modules covering different patient profiles that the MDT may encounter day-to-day, putting the latest guidelines and clinical data on identification and management of DKD into the context of everyday practice.

Target audience

This independent educational program is suitable for endocrinologists, diabetologists, primary care physicians (PCPs)/general practitioners (GPs), cardiologists, nephrologists and the wider global multidisciplinary team that manages T2D and CKD patients.

Learning objectives

Following completion of this independent educational program, learners will be able to: